Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Yuletide reveals

This year I wrote one Yuletide story, for [personal profile] pitseleh:

The Color of Shadow (5751 words) by ellen_fremedon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Left Hand of Darkness - Ursula K. Le Guin, Hainish Cycle - Ursula K. Le Guin, The Dispossessed - Ursula K. Le Guin
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Ong Tot Oppong, OFC
Additional Tags: shifgrethor, First Contact, Original anarcho-syndicalist character, Original Annaresti character, Original lesbian character, why yes those three are all the same OC

Two first investigators come to Gethen. And bring their baggage.

I have not made any recs posts, but I do have some bookmarks on the AO3. Not that many recs, either; and I am way behind on responding to feedback: this year I also either brought the con crud to New Year's, or was the first person to catch it, so I've been spending the last few days coughing and snorting and generally being miserable.

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Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Spring break, MJ, (what) weekly wordcount

Leaving tomorrow for MJ! Where I will see many of you! I am packing now, and trying to decide how many pairs of Fluevog platforms I actually need for four days.

The official Les Mis guerilla panel will take place in the consuite over the Saturday lunch break. The unofficial Les Mis guerilla panel will take place wherever I am.

(And I am into week three of negative wordcount. The good news is that I have FOUND THE PLOT! The bad news is that rather more of what I've already written than I was hoping is, in fact, Not The Plot. It is slow going, partly for technical reasons and partly because this kind of tinking is so much less exciting than writing and I have been easily distracted. But someday soon, the first 15 chapters will be plot-compliant and I will be able to move on!)

Meanwhile, it has been spring break here. I have been catching up on sleep and knitting and socializing-- I went to the Nowruz (Persian New Year) festivities at the Sackler and Freer with [personal profile] neotoma, to [personal profile] mrshamill's party, and to the Udvar-Hazy center to see the space shuttle. I was also catching up on Community, on which I am co-modding a panel, but I got halfway through episode 3 before turning it off in deep embarrassment-squick and deciding that the show was unfortunately cancelled after three seasons. Oh, show, I will miss you. But not enough to keep watching. (Though this may make it easier to finally write that post-s.3 AU where the dark timeline counterparts take over Greendale...)

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Monday, October 29th, 2012

Hurricane day.

My next-door neighbor just knocked on my door with a plate of hurricane cookies! Now I have cookies and Glitch. And a day off.

The university is closed today, all day, though the worst of the storm isn't supposed to hit until dark; so far we've had nothing here but rain and some fairly light wind, and the power is still on. I have removed the (raw) beets, apples, cabbage, and some of the celery from the fridge, also the butter, and all the beverages that don't really need refrigeration, so that if (when) the power does go out I won't have to open the fridge until it's time to take the leftover steak out and eat it. The unopened yogurt and some soft goat cheese can probably come out and live in the windowsill for at least a day or so at that time; and there's struan bread and knackenbrot and canned sardines, tuna, and chickpeas. And I've already filled all the plastic bottles in the house with water for drinking; I haven't filled the bathtub yet, but I will do so before dark.

And I could be folding clothes-- I probably ought to be folding clothes-- but I could do that by candlelight, and it is in fact one of the few useful things I can do by candlelight, so I am saving it, and playing Glitch while the electricity lasts. I have the curtains open to watch the storm-- the wind has blown up quite a bit in the last hour, but the sky is still quite light.

And the cat, thank goodness, has finally settled down now that the storm has settled in, after a solid twelve hours of pacing and meowing and tugging at my sleeve every ten minutes to let me know that the air pressure was wrong and these were not acceptable conditions.


In other news:

-I officially get the sutures out Wednesday, provided that the periodontist has power, but they are mostly out now and I'm eating everything except pizza, bagels, whole fruits out of hand, and meat-onna-stick.

-We finally got a contract at work, so when I go back to work-- which may tomorrow or may not be, depending on the damage tonight-- I will actually be allowed to do my job.

--I went to a Halloween party Saturday night in the cheapest costume ever: a badge with the number '2' over a pennyfarthing-bicycle image, and a pocket full of plain white balloons.

--Friday night I went out with [personal profile] alpheratz, [personal profile] bironic, and [personal profile] cinco to try the Day of the Dead menu at Oyamel. Fantastic food-- the minced raw (farmed) venison heart was almost like a meat ceviche, marinated in lime juice with pickled nopales, radishes, onions, and lots of chiles, very meaty without being at all bloody; and the pumpkin-chocolate margarita was nothing like you'd expect from the description: citrusy but not sweet, umami in a vegetal sort of way, garnished with marigolds and a smoked-salt rim. The dish I'm going to try to recreate is the roasted quail-- I'll probably use duck, or maybe a turkey thigh-- stuffed with nopales, on a thick, almost buttery sauce of toasted pumpkin seeds pureed with roasted tomatoes and chiles.

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Sunday, October 14th, 2012

Some things make a post

- I am having my second round of gum surgery tomorrow morning. It's just a tissue graft, this time, not a bone, graft, and is supposed to be much less of a big deal. I will probably take both Monday and Tuesday off anyway, since I've got sick leave to burn and no actual work to do, on account of

- At least as of Friday afternoon, my workplace still did not have a contract. It will get signed eventually, but in the meantime no one's supposed to be working on unfunded projects.

If there's still no contract when I go back, I may just bring in a pile of knitting and stop even pretending to work.

+ Or I may just play quietly with my Doctor Who action figures all day. I managed to find an Enemies of the Third Doctor set for cheap from a seller on Amazon. It arrived today and is making me very happy-- it's a boxed set with an Auton, Omega (in a sparkly robe!) and a Drashig hand puppet (probably better made than the actual Drashig hand puppet).

I tracked down the set because this is coming out in January, and I will definitely be acquiring it (through whatever chain of resellers I can, grumble mutter UK exclusives grumble grumble), and what use is one of Omega's gel guards unless I have Omega himself?

There will also be a Rory figure arriving on my desk in another couple of weeks. He can look exasperated at the Auton.

Doctor Who is the first fandom I've been in where I've had any desire to own action figures. I kind of hope it's the last one, because they are expensive and they are taking over my desk. But-- TINY PLASTIC PEOPLE! Dolls, for grownups! I have menaced the cat with the Drashig puppet more times today than the cat feels is strictly necessary.

+ We had a Captain Awkward meetup Thursday night, which I didn't even have to organize! About 8-10 people showed up, the Dover fashion history coloring books I brought were a big hit, and I seem to be on the hook for organizing the next one-- which is just as well, since I can make sure we have it someplace quieter. I'm thinking late November or early December, in the atrium of the Portrait Gallery.

+ I am registered for MJ!

+ Yuletide signups are open!

- I still don't know if I want to make a fourth request. I think I may end up signing up pretty late this year while I dither. And read things. Book III of Laurie Marks's Elemental Logic series is sitting here looking winsomely Yuletidish at me. (Unfortunately, Book II is still in transit, and I can't read them out of order.)

+ I've got my offer list pared down to 22. I think that's as low as it's going to go.

+ I am making chicken stock and roasted vegetables in preparation for tomorrow's gum surgery. With a vat of stock, assorted roasted vegetables, a carton of heavy cream, and a blender, I should be able to get through most of the next week on pureed soups.

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Tuesday, August 7th, 2012


Two questions, one of somewhat more importance than the other:

1.) Movers. I am moving all of two blocks, August 23 (or 24 or 25), into a smaller-but-nicer apartment within my complex. I need to hire some movers. I won't need them for long-- it's a two-block move, and I've got a three-day overlap between the leases, so I can carry any leftover boxes over on my own. But I will need someone to move the stuff I can't lift on my own.

Recommendations? Last time I used Get Up And Go movers, who were excellent and reasonably priced and have a very transparent pricing structure, but they don't provide their own vehicle, so I would need to a get a rental truck separately-- and, more importantly, someone to drive it. I am looking at Yelp, and there are actually rather a lot of movers with excellent reviews so I can probably find someone, but I am daunted by the quote processes of the highest-rated movers, and I'd really like to be able to have a pretty good estimate in hand before I make contact.

(Seriously, the person who starts Introvert Movers, with a complete and invariable price list up on their website? Is going to make so much money. Just throwing that out there.)

2.) FRTDNNEATJ, I would like to have a Celestial Toymaker action figure. Which does not exist. I am pretty confident I can make his costume myself with scrap taffeta, glitter pens, and Sculpy. I am less confident of my ability to mod the face sculpt-- I think I can manage to redo the eyebrows, but that's about it.

Anyone know of an action figure on the market, on the same scale as the existing Doctor Who figure line, that resembles a youngish Michael Gough? I'm looking for a horse-faced white dude with a big nose, wearing something form-fitting enough to go under a floor-length robe without sticking out oddly.

There may be a post later about the wedding I went to in NYC this weekend. For now, I will just say that it was a lovely ceremony and both grooms were radiant :).

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Monday, March 26th, 2012

Weekend; Con.TXT panel brainstorming

Busy weekend-- or at least, a busy and social Saturday, followed by a Sunday curled up on the couch playing Civ IV and ignoring my laundry. [personal profile] cinco and I went to the Reason Rally, an atheist/secularist rally on the Mall. Verdict-- surprisingly well-attended given the constant drizzle, but I want to kick whoever was in charge of programming. Because reallyCollapse )

Then in the evening, I met [personal profile] neotoma and [personal profile] greenygal for dinner and John Carter, which I recommend catching while it's in the theaters-- it's a thoroughly enjoyable swords-and-sandals popcorn epic, and I am staggered by how incompetently it's been marketed. Because really. No spoilers beyond what you'd get from the trailer.Collapse )

And now panel suggestions are open for Con.TXT. Help me brainstorm what to propose! I feel strongly that there should be a Doctor Who panel. I would also like to do a panel-- probably half discussion and half pimping-- for Doctor Who paracanon, but I really only know the audios. Any fans of Doctor Who books and/or comics want to co-mod a paracanon panel with me?

My other main fandom at the moment is Vorkosigan. How much interest would there be in a Vorkosigan panel? I'm probably going to propose one, even if it's unlikely to make the cut.

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Monday, February 27th, 2012


I have really fallen off the internet these last few weeks, so I have entirely failed to write about the massive cooking challenge that [personal profile] cinco and [personal profile] jrho put together, based roughly on the show Chopped. But! They put together a cooking challenge! And two weeks ago they gave [personal profile] kinetikatrue three coolers of random evil ingredients, and last week was [personal profile] alpheratz's turn, and Saturday was mine!

The challenge was to cook three courses, enough for the assembled cooks, hosts, and guest judges, using the three or four ingredients provided plus whatever else was on hand. I had 35 minutes for the appetizer, 55 for the entree, and 35 for the dessert; that includes a 5-minute research period, though I did not end up doing any research.

Because I am a glutton for punishment wanted to host an actual dinner party, not just a cocktail party with food, but realized I probably couldn't depend on producing enough edible food to feed a crowd under those constraints, I made a three-course dinner of things requiring no last-minute prep, cooked while the guests were eating, and relieved each course with a small portion of the challenge dish. Basically, I spent the entire day on my feet in the kitchen and had pretty much the BEST TIME EVER, but then didn't get off the couch yesterday.

Menu details behind the cutCollapse )

So, long story short: [personal profile] cinco is an evil genius, cooking is fun, and sometimes I get kind of ridiculously competitive.

(Also, someone left a tartan scarf at my place. [personal profile] holli, is it yours?)

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Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Two questions

1.) I have not yet seen either Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows or Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. I plan to remedy both of these omissions this weekend. Anyone want to join me?

2.) I am looking for a roommate or roommates for FogCon. Anyone in the same boat?

(If I go to WisCon this year, I will also be looking for roommates for that; I don't know yet if I can swing both cons, though.)

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Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Happy New Year and Yuletide Reveal

Happy New Year! I am ensconced in [personal profile] kass's living room. I have shown Community to [personal profile] sanj, given a Classic Who curriculum to [personal profile] kass, played Encore! and the Doctor Who fan expansion of Pandemic, danced in the new year, soaked in an ad hoc outdoor hot tub, slept in the ger, breakfasted on coffee and three kinds of pie, and the weekend is still not over. 2012 is off to a very good start.

I wrote two stories for Yuletide this year. My assignment was Projections, a Babel-17 story for [personal profile] jain. Thank you for the prompt, [personal profile] jain. I have a complex relationship with this book (the worldbuilding is so cool! The linguistics is so wrong!), and I'm glad to have had the chance to immerse myself in the world and explore it.

I wrote one treat as well, in Temeraire: The Constraint of Conscience, for [personal profile] cimorene. This is the story that has been languishing on my hard drive under the working title of "Laurence And Tharkay Have All The Sex" for the last year and a half. As it happens, I only managed to work in two-thirds of the sex scenes called for in the outline, so it's more like Laurence and Tharkay Have Two-Thirds of the Sex.

And as usual, I have discovered many new wonderful writers this Yuletide, so I have several happy weeks of back-catalog ahead of me.

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Thursday, December 29th, 2011

I'm on a train!

[personal profile] sanj, I get in at 8:44. See you tonight, and see some of you tomorrow!

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